It depends on what you're laying it over. If it's being installed over cushioned vinyl, you probably won't need one. Sometimes you won't need an underlayment, but you still might want a vapor barrier, such as a tile floor in a below-grade (basement.

You also won't need an underlayment if the product already comes with one attached; for other subfloors, you will, especially if it's being installed over hardwood or concrete. But, again, the best advice is to ask our experts for recommendations.

What is an underlayment?

Underlayments are thin pieces of fabric (such as foam) or plywood or cement boards, providing stability, sound insulation, cushioning underfoot, or moisture protection.

The type of underlayment you use will depend upon your subfloor; for instance, if it's concrete, you might want a little more insulation, cushioning, and a moisture barrier. On the other hand, if the subfloor is plywood, you'll need extra cushioning and sound insulation.

What is luxury vinyl flooring?

This amazingly realistic mimic of wood, tile, or stone is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for kitchens and baths. The nature-inspired images with micro beveling and embossing give it a high-end style suitable for living rooms, dining areas, hallways, bedrooms, and more. It follows all the trends, including gray floors and textured looks.

The realism is planks designed to mimic hardwood flooring; the vinyl is cut into strips and mounted on boards, called luxury vinyl plank or LVP. Alternatively, it can be cut into tile-sized squares used with or without grout, called luxury vinyl tile or LVT.

Other benefits include:
  1. Affordability. Sometimes it’s so realistic even flooring experts can’t discern it from genuine materials. You’ll know, however, when you go to pay because it won’t be nearly the same price.
  2. Waterproof durability. Known as a pet-and-kid-friendly floor, luxury vinyl is five times thicker than original vinyl with a top, transparent, robust melamine wear layer that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. In addition, it is waterproof, whether submerged or spilled on.
  3. Easy care: All it needs is regular sweeping and periodic mopping.
  4. Uncomplicated installation: This can be a floating floor where pieces click, mat, and hover without nails or glue.

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