Although they are very similar in their construction, polyester and nylon fibers do have slight differences. In both cases, however, nylon and polyester are both ideal for outdoor use. However, it is essential to note that this does depend on the specific type of fibers used, and as such, it's often safer to choose higher-quality materials.

Water absorption

Another distinction to consider between these two materials is their water absorption rate. Nylon, since it absorbs small amounts of water during manufacturing, has a degree of elasticity. This added stretch, in turn, is what provides extra durability properties. On the other hand, polyester does not absorb water, which decreases its flexibility—lack of flexibility results in lesser durable capabilities. In turn, this lack of absorption also means nylon does not retain color dye well and thus fades in sunlight over time. However, UV radiation does not affect polyester fabrics, and products with this material usually keep their colors for a long time.

Durability & cleaning

When it comes to cleaning and durability-though, these two options are neck-and-neck. And so, regardless of its application, both nylon and polyester will provide outstanding results. These two materials are indeed suitable for installation in many spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dens, for instance. It's a floor covering that's highly versatile, with tons of design, color, pattern, and pile choices to select from. However, in areas with long periods of intense sunlight, do consider the effect of UV lighting on your carpets. As such, speak to your flooring experts and ask about brands with extra built-in protection against premature fading.

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