When it comes to luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), you are only limited by your imagination. That includes how you use the two forms.

The material for it doesn't come in sheets. Instead, it is either cut into tile-sized squares, LVT, or longboards, LVP. So you're not limited as to how to use them.

Being creative with tile looks in plank

Large-format tiles are trending hot this year. They can also make a room look airier, like the large format and fewer seams, i.e., visual breaks. LVP is ideal for this look!

Some also use plank for stone looks. Many tell us it has a more continuous look, like a quarried slab.

Having fun with luxury vinyl tile

The squares can be mixed and matched. Right now, one of the hottest looks is to combine wood with ceramics.

Try wood look squares with some black and white tiles for excellent contrast. Since it's all with LVT, you only need to worry about one maintenance requirement!

LVF’s easy care

Whether you choose a tile or plank, it only needs regular sweeping and periodic mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Please avoid abrasive cleaners or waxy, shine-promoting products.

At the very top is a clear urethane finish that adds extra shine. Unfortunately, it can be damaged by these products.

The installation's a snap, literally

Either LVT or luxury vinyl plank is installed to float. Without adhesives, the pieces click together, mat, and hover over the subfloor.

Standing out with superior knowledge, excellent service, and competitive prices

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